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Bathroom Vanity Ideas Made Easy

Looking for some bathroom vanity ideas? We've got you covered. It all starts with getting a handle on the types of vanities that are in the marketplace and then narrowing your focus according your decorating style and preferences.

So as you formulate various bathroom vanity ideas, you should assume this item will serve as the focal point in the room. That’s because it often looks like a very nice piece of furniture that is complete with a mirror, sink, and lighting. Also, it’s usually the first thing you see when you walk into a bathroom and it seems to beg for attention.

This is why it’s important that you select a vanity that is right for your bathroom and your decorating style.

Bathroom Vanity Ideas -- Start With The Various Types

The most important factor in coming up with bathroom vanity ideas is to first gain an understanding the materials used to construct vanities. You’ll have vanity choices that are predominantly made of wood, glass, metal, or synthetics (man-made polymers and plastics). Of course, most vanities are actually made with combinations of these materials.

With regard to vanities made of wood, the construction is similar to your kitchen cabinets. Higher-end vanities will have an underlying structure made mostly of solid wood, whereas lower-end vanities will use mostly particle board, plywood, or fiberboard. The door and drawer fronts of high-end bathroom vanities will be made of solid wood or veneer and the low-end units will have fronts made of laminate or synthetic material.

(Note: If you think that a wood vanity might be right for your bathroom, then check out the short video below. You’ll get a few good bathroom vanity ideas  and tips on how to incorporate one into the overall design of the room.)


Without a doubt, wood vanities for bathrooms exude a warm, rich, natural look. They are very classy and will work well with any decorating style. The most common and popular woods found in vanities are oak, cherry, and maple. And since wood-based vanities are the most common type, you’re sure to find one or two bathroom vanity ideas that match your preferences.

The potential downside to wood bathroom vanities is moisture. Bathrooms can be hot, humid places, and moisture can cause wood to expand, contract, warp, and crack. But this should not be a major issue if the wood has been treated for moisture. Or, if you have a large bathroom and the vanity will be a substantial distance away from the bathtub and shower area. Check with the seller.

For glass bathroom vanity ideas, it’s usually just the sink basin and countertop (and perhaps shelving) that will often be made of glass. However, the frame that holds it all together will be made of metal or wood. In other cases, the entire base of the vanity will be covered by mirrors. Glass vanities can be found in clear and tinted colors. These vanities tend to appeal to a younger crowd and those who love contemporary decor and styling. The great thing about glass vanities is that you can find them in very unique and artistic designs.

The downside to these vanities is that glass is high-maintenence. Any water spots, smudges, soap scum, dirt, grime, etc., will be quite visible. So you’ll have to make the extra effort to clean it frequently. In addition, if you have very active children, you should think very carefully about purchasing any piece of furture that contains “breakable” glass.

When it comes to metal bathroom vanity ideas, you’re probably looking at a stainless steel, iron or chrome for the base. The countertop and sink basin may be made of stone, glass, ceramic, metal or synthetic materials. The key here is that you don’t want any type of metal that could rust. These vanities tend to find favor with people who like contemporary or modern design.

You’ll find that most metal vanities have see through bases, rather than solid doors. This is probably because too much metal could make the bathroom look overly utlitarian, and not warm and inviting.

Also, if you decide to go with a stainless steel vanity, ask the seller what grade of steel is used. There are multiple types of stainless steel and not all of them are created equal. Some experts will tell you that 304 stainless steel will eventually show signs of rust in wet environments, whereas 404 stainless steel won’t.

Finally, most synthetic bathroom vanities will likely have an underlying frame made of wood. But much of the visible components such as the sink basin, vanity countertop, door inlays, etc., will be made of sythetic polymers such as plastics and acrylics. For example, through the use of synthetics, you can purchase a vanity with an engineered top that has the look of granite or marble, but won’t have the big price tag. You’ll typically find synthetic components in low to moderately priced vanities.

Bathroom Vanity Ideas -- Selection Tips

As you can see, there are a lot of combinations and options for generating bathroom vanity ideas and choosing a nice one for your home. And I didn’t even get into faucets here because I didn’t want your head to spin.

The best way to arrive at a buying decision is to first identify your decorating style. Is wood, metal, or glass more prominent in your decor? If you have them all, list them from most to least used. So, if wood is at the top of your list, then you might go for this type of vanity and incorporate metal and/or glass accents.

Another source for bathroom vanity ideas is your kitchen. If you have dark wood kitchen cabinets and granite countertops, this look might work nicely in your bathroom too. However, they don’t necessarily have match exactly. For example, you could just pull out a single color shade from the kitchen granite countertop and let that be the color for the bathroom vanity top.

Or, you could have the base of the vanity be the same wood color as your kitchen cabinets, but have a beautiful tinted glass sink basin sitting on top of it. If you look around your home, you will probably identify several architectural and design elements that would complement a vanity.

Vanity Prices And Sizes

As you might expect, the selling prices for bathroom vanity units will vary greatly. Vanity prices can range from $100 to $5000 or more. Of course, the more expensive vanities will be constructed using the highest quality materials, such as mahogany, and the same goes for the vanity basins and countertops (e.g., granite, marble, ceramic, etc).

The sizes of today’s modern bathroom vanities will vary as well. The smallest ones will be about 24 inches wide, and the longest vanities will stretch to 72 inches or longer.

As you search for your new vanity, approach buying it like you would other furniture and decor in your home. Just make sure it all flows together. Hopefully, these bathroom vanity ideas have put you on the right path.