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Bathroom Showers

Bathroom showers are now and essential part of daily life. While bathing in a tub provides an opportunity to let the body soak in soothing warm water, taking a shower is probably more popular. The indoor shower stall as we know it today wasn't invented until sometime in the 19th century, but showers have always been around.

They simply weren't the man-made variety. It was quite common in ancient times for bathers to stand under natural waterfalls and let the water rain down on their heads and body as they cleansed themselves.

Taking a shower is the bathing preference today, at least in Western culture, because of our fast-moving society. It takes time to fill a bathtub and get it to the temperature that you want. Then you have to allow it to drain.

On the other hand, you can be in and out of a shower in 10 minutes, depending on how rushed you are. And while you may not get a good soaking, you'll feel clean and refreshed.

Bathroom showers now come with all kinds of accessories and options, with the most popular being the shower head. Some shower heads provide multiple spray patterns and allow you to control the spraying pressure. It'll feel as though you're getting a massage.

When you purchase a bathroom shower, it usually consists of a three wall enclosure, a door, and a tray base. In cases where a home is being newly built, you can buy the shower stall as a one-piece molded unit. But if you're remodeling, it's better to buy the version that has been broken down into multiple pieces, otherwise you'd have a hard time getting it into your house.

In this section, you'll learn a lot more about various types of bathroom showers and accessories. Plus you'll get installation advice, shopping tips, and more. Check out the list of articles below about bathroom showers. We will be adding more soon.