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Handicap Tubs

Handicap tubs represent a category of bathtubs for individuals with disabilities or who have mobility issues. You'll find them referred to by a variety of names including walk in bathtubs, step in bathtubs, elderly bathtubs, stroll in bathtubs, senior bathtubs, and slide in bathtubs. I may have missed a few names.

Believe it or not, handicap tubs have been around for only a few decades. But they have come a long way fast. You can get them with all the bells and whistles to rival any traditional luxury bathtub. However, there are some features that are must-haves and others that are nice-to-have.

Handicap tubs will vary in style and design to accommodate the needs of the bather. Someone who uses a wheelchair to get around will usually require a handicap tub that is different from someone who can walk, but doesn't feel comfortable stepping over the high edge of a traditional bathtub.

In this section, you'll get information and advice for finding the right type of handicap tub for your specific needs.

You'll find articles about handicap tubs that address:

- Health benefits
- Types and designs
- How they're made
- Pricing and warranties
- Features and accessories
- What questions to ask before you buy
- Affordable alternatives
- And more!

By the time you finish reading through this section, you’ll be an expert on handicap tubs. So check out the articles below about handicap tubs and visit often because we will be adding even more tips and ideas.