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Disabled Bathtubs – Sizes And Dimensions

Disabled bathtubs (also referred to as walk in bathtubs) are available in many different shapes, sizes, heights and depths. The larger tubs can be as long as traditional bathtubs, which are usually 60" long, 15" high and 30" wide.

However, disabled bathtubs can also be so stubby that there’s only enough room to stand up. Let’s take a closer look at disabled bathtub sizes and dimensions.

But remember, these are just rough estimates since configurations can vary widely.

On average, though,  mid-range sized walk in disabled bathtubs will be about 48″ long, 39″ high, and 28″ wide. However, the height, width, and depth of a tub does not become particularly relevant until you’ve evaluated the person’s disability, determined their needs, and measured the available space in the bathroom.

For example, in the video below, you’ll see a bariatric walk in bathtub that is suited for large or heavy bathers and those in wheelchairs.

As you’ve just seen in the video, you can purchase disabled bathtubs that are pretty large. And while you’ll find that the vast majority of them will be shorter than traditional tubs, they all will be a bit deeper. In many cases, they will be twice as deep. 

Further, some walk in tubs are can sealed in place against a wall just like traditional bathtubs. But if you prefer a free-standing model that can be moved around, those are available, too. This is a great option if you rent a home or an apartment and could change locations one day.

Disabled Bathtubs Categories

Disabled bathtubs that fall into the “large” category will usually measure about 60″ long, 40″ deep, and 32″ wide. In this tub, even a large person will be able to sit comfortably and be well submerged in water—up to chest level. These tubs will  provide the widest door opening, which is important for easy entrance and exiting. But, they’ll require more water to fill.

Other than that, you can purchase the disabled bathtubs with all the additional bells and whistles you could want. Or, perhaps you just want a few modest accessories such as the fixtures and attachments for taking a shower, if that’s more desirable at times.

Walk in or disabled bathtubs that fall into the “small” category will be around 36” long x 27” wide, and 39″ deep. So if bathroom space is at a premium in your home, one of these disabled tubs is sure to fit. These tubs are best suited for small bathers. Nevertheless, the user will still be able to immerse themselves deeper into this tub than a standard bathtub and it won’t take as much water to fill.

Finally, you may be wondering how the space in your bathroom is going to look when you rip the traditional long tub and install a much shorter disabled tub. Not a problem. The manufacturer can provide you with a tub extension kit. It’s a wide L-shaped panel that’s made of acrylic or fiberglass. When it’s placed in the gap between the disabled tub and the wall, it’ll look as if your tub has shelf space.

So there really are no significant issues when it comes to installing disabled bathtubs.